IPA: iʌtrʌdʒˈɛnɪk


  • (medicine, of a disease, injury, or other adverse outcome) Induced by the words or actions of the physician or by medical treatment or diagnostic procedure.

Examples of "iatrogenic" in Sentences

  • Iatrogenic deaths are a major problem.
  • Iatrogenic medical or dental exposure.
  • Iatrogenic addiction is a serious concern.
  • Iatrogenic manslaughter can't be eliminated.
  • Sodium overload is almost always iatrogenic.
  • Iatrogenic creation of new alter personalities.
  • Iatrogenic bipolar disorder is a substantial risk.
  • Medical harm is not limited to iatrogenic illness.
  • The most probable diagnosis is iatrogenic balanitis.
  • senator Pat Moynihan called "iatrogenic government."
  • Pneumothoraces may be traumatic, iatrogenic, or spontaneous.
  • CT scans increase cancer risk - do U understand 'iatrogenic' illness - most probably not, uhh?!?!
  • Haldol has been documented in shrinking peoples brains which you know is called iatrogenic illness.
  • In real medicine it's called iatrogenic disease, disease produced by the application of medical intervention.
  • It's called iatrogenic illness but these doctors who're causing the illness haven't a clue because they are surgeons.
  • Treatment options available for iatrogenic lip hypertrophy caused by your doctor and the genetic variety are limited.
  • Are we really designed to be omnivores OR does a plant based diet suit us best? www. foodkills.org Dr.M. Klaper www. vegsource.com MEDICAL STATISTICS * The third highest cause of deaths in the US is what is termed "iatrogenic", which means "induced in a patient by a physician's activity, manner, or therapy."
  • Many biological psychiatrists who base their practices around medication management will tell you the condition doesn't exist, or that if it exists it is "iatrogenic," meaning it is caused by therapists training their patients to interpret their symptoms as if they have a whole set of distinct personalities.

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