IPA: ˈaɪbɛks


  • A type of wild mountain goat of the genus Capra, such as the species Capra ibex.
  • (heraldry) An imaginary creature with serrated horns, somewhat similar to the heraldic antelope.

Examples of "ibex" in Sentences

  • Goats include the markhor and ibex.
  • Spanish ibex it's not extinct today.
  • Arwa also means the deer and the ibex.
  • A protective guard was created for the ibex.
  • Mammal species include the ibex and the hyrax.
  • In the alpine regions ibex and chamois were hunted.
  • The length of the walia ibex beard varies with age.
  • The walia ibex is also known as the abyssinian ibex.
  • Ibex uses ool as the primary fabric in all Ibex clothing.
  • "In one of your letters you mention the Scind ibex, which is a wild goat.
  • The company joined the benchmark IBEX 35 index in a February 2008 reshuffle.
  • The open season on "ibex," of which one per year may be killed, may as well be continued.
  • One myth per year is not an extravagant bag for any intelligent hunter; and it seems that the "ibex" will not down.
  • "And do you know," chuckled Mary, "Bill sat down and gave up spelling the word -- and he doesn't know how to spell 'ibex' yet!"
  • Except just after changing their coats, when they are of a greyish hue, the general colour of the ibex is a dirty yellowish brown.
  • During last winter, the worst in Mongolia for decades, some 10 million head of livestock died, and the effect on the snow leopards' prey base chiefly a wild goat called ibex, and argali sheep
  • Alps (_antelope rupicapra_); and in the same localities, but more rarely seen, the "bouquetin," or "tur" (_aigocerus pyrenaicus_) -- a species of ibex, _not_ identical with the _capra ibex_ of Linnaeus and the Alpine mountains.
  • "There can be no doubt that the goats, both wild and tame -- including the ibex, which is a true wild goat -- form of themselves a separate family in the animal kingdom, easily distinguishable from sheep, deer, antelopes, or oxen.

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