IPA: ˈaɪbʌdɛm


  • in the same place (used when citing a reference)

Examples of "ibidem" in Sentences

  • That said, the ibidem thing can be fixed easily.
  • An abbreviation for ibidem, a Latin word meaning “in the same place.
  • I could use 'ibidem' in some instances, but have found no way for doing that.
  • And while it is in more general use than just law, I suppose that ibidem counts or is another term used for that purpose?
  • Note 159: Barth, Dpr., p. 238: "sic infantis defectum suppleat virtus gerulae nutricis, sicut ibidem dicit Constantinus." back
  • Iste tamen tyro superveniens finaliter illaesus exivit; et dehinc multo tempore Boreas quievit, nec ibidem fuit, ut supra, cateranorum excursus.
  • The being does not acquire being in that man first looks upon it in the sense of a representation that has the character of subjective perception' ibidem.
  • Hence, Heidegger remarks that 'the world picture does not change from an earlier medieval one to a modern one; rather, that the world becomes picture at all is what distinguishes the essence of modernity ibidem.
  • “Quumque Hierosolymam accessisset, et ibidem aliquandiu mansisset, pontificis filiam ducere in animum induxisse, et eam ob rem proselytum factum, atque circumcisum esse; postea quod virginem eam non accepisset, succensuisse, et adversus circumcisionem, ac sabbathum totamque legem scripsisse.”
  • Note 5: RHF, 18: 728B: "effosso sepulcro propriis manibus, corpus extraxit defuncti foetens admodum et putridum, magnum naribus offendiculum, utpote quod jam per menses aliquot ibi jacuerat tumulatione, et ab ipsa camera usque ad coemeterium Montis-Autrici, nudis pedibus, solis indutus lineis ut plebeius quilibet, ad tumulandum ibidem propriis humeris deportavit, sese humlians salubriter coram Deo". back

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