IPA: ɪkˈɑkoʊ


  • plum-shaped whitish to almost black fruit used for preserves; tropical american
  • small tropical american tree bearing edible plumlike fruit

Examples of "icaco" in Sentences

  • It can be isolated in Chrysobalanus icaco .
  • Ilex cassine, Salix longipes and Chrysobalanus icaco.
  • Rudman's congregation selected the icaco site in Philadelphia.
  • Rudman, as the senior pastor, chose the icaco congregation as his own.
  • Chrysobalanus icaco was originally introduced to prevent erosion on steep slopes.
  • When the sun rose over Lobos it was a desert isle, thickly covered with a jungle of mangrove, manzanel, and icaco trees, green as an emerald.
  • Several cayes have stands of littoral forest with ziricote Cordia sebestena, teabox Myrica cerifera, gumbo limbo Bursera simaruba and coco plum Chrysobalanus icaco.
  • It can form monospecific 'islands' on patches of dark soil but is often found in association with Acrostichum danaeafolium, Bucida spinosa, Cladium jamaicense, Conocarpus erectus, Dalbergia glabra, Chrysobalanus icaco and Thrinax radiata.
  • Swamp wood in shallower waters is often dominated by one or only a few species of trees and may include: Erythrina glauca, Pterocarpus officinalis in combination with Tabebuia insignis; Chrysobalanus icaco in combination with Annona glabra, Mauritia flexuosa, or Triplaris surinamensis.
  • Among these invasive woody species are Paraserianthes falcataria (Albizia), Adenanthera pavonia (Agati), Clidemia hirta (Creole name: Faux Watouk), Cinnamomum verum, Chrysobalanus icaco (Prune de France), Psidium cattleianum (wild guava), Syzygium jambos, Astonia macrophylla (Bois jaune) and Tabebuia pallida (Calice du pape).
  • Consequently, the degrade soil now supports exotic species such as 'coco plum' Chrysobalanus icaco, lemon grass Cymbopogon citratus and calice du pape Tabebuia pallida, along with the endemic Dillenia ferruginea (R), Paragenipa lancifolia, Memecyclon elaeagni, Syzygium wrightii, Pandanus multispicatus and Deckenia nobilis, as well as Intsia bijuga and Canthium bibracteatum.
  • (Dioscorea alata), copei (Clusia alba), guayacan (Guaiacum officinale), guajaba (Psidium pyriferum), guanavano (Anona muricata), mani (Arachis hypogaea), guama (Inga), henequen (was supposed from the erroneous accounts of the first travellers to be an herb with which the Haitians used to cut metals; it means now every kind of strong thread), hicaco (Chrysobalanus icaco), maghei

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