ice axe

IPA: ˈaɪsˈæks


  • An axe used by mountaineers to cut footholds in the ice.

Examples of "ice-axe" in Sentences

  • Instinctively, I rolled over onto my stomach and grabbed the ice-axe shaft with my right hand.
  • I did up my sack, put on my gloves and my glasses, seized my ice-axe; one look around and I, too, hurried down the slope.
  • I went with my gear by sea to Tromso, and then inland to a starting-place, and took my ice-axe and rucksack, and said good-bye to the world.
  • Almost anything he needs appears, including miraculously cured, drunken legless mountain climbers and short, retired old weapons experts who seem only half able to trace a simple ice-axe sale through sporting goods stores.
  • Incidentally I note the murder weapon (ice-axe) had been stolen by our Scally killers from a mountain shop in Snowdonia, in line with the great Scouse tradition in which the A55 is full of Transits taking heroin in one direction and returning with antiques and garden statuary in the other.
  • In a similar vein, Manchester City's keeper Joe Hart, whose hairstyle gives him the look of one of those cyborgs who, due to some rogue microchip, is starting to experience human emotions that will eventually end with him weeping pitifully while trying to split Vin Diesel's head open with an ice-axe, declared, "I don't think a footballer should have to live like a monk".

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