ice bag

IPA: ˈaɪsbˈæg


  • A waterproof bag with a wide-mouthed stopper designed to hold ice, for service as an ice pack.
  • (Philippines) A thin plastic bag, of varying sizes, used primarily for freezing water to be sold as ice.

Examples of "ice-bag" in Sentences

  • -- An ice-bag constantly applied is the best treatment.
  • At ten, while Carol was preparing an ice-bag in the kitchen,
  • He stalked to the bathroom for the ice-bag, down to the kitchen for ice.
  • There should be only one thickness of the towel between the ice-bag and the head.
  • A hot-water bottle may be put near its feet and an ice-bag or cold cloths should be kept on its head.
  • Fill it three-quarters full of finely chopped ice, put the ice-bag in a towel, and place on the patient's head.
  • An ice-bag should be constantly applied to the painful area and the bowels kept freely open with a saline laxative.
  • It will be necessary to keep a record of the fever so that the ice-bag may be withdrawn when it falls below 103° F.
  • The following ointment may be applied, though the ice-bag is the better and more certain treatment: Ichthyol 25 per cent.,
  • What she said to herself as she moved tirelessly about the sick room, damping cloths, filling the ice-bag, infiltering drops of nourishment, was: “God is good!” and these words, far from breathing a pious resignation, voiced a confidence so bold that it bordered on irreverence.

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