ice bear

IPA: ˈaɪsbˈɛr


  • Synonym of polar bear; Ursus maritimus.

Examples of "ice-bear" in Sentences

  • I have but devised a means whereby I may kill the ice-bear with ease, that is all.
  • The ice-bear hides like a snake with her cubs, and her snarl is the strangest thing in the world.’
  • Congratulations to both contest winners! to tracycakes: how did you create the bubble, where is the ice-bear inside? are you do it by yourself?
  • He marched down the other side of the hill for quite a mile, keeping a good look-out, however, lest some huge ice-bear should catch him unawares.
  • Garm looked around the log-hewn workshop at her other sculptures—a rearing ice-bear, a great elk with sixteen-foot antlers, a coiling snow serpent that stretched from floor to rafters, and of course her army of norn warriors captured in stone and wood.

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