ice chest

IPA: ˈaɪstʃˈɛst


  • A box used to keep provisions cool

Examples of "ice-chest" in Sentences

  • He's hot an 'cold at the one time, a live wire in an ice-chest.
  • Australian summer months — The ice-chest an absolute necessity —
  • There's an ice-chest out on my balcony that has been out there since mid October please don't ask.
  • Now, an ice-chest is basically just an insulated plastic box whose job is to keep heat from flowing from one side to the other.
  • As Flory came up the steps the doctor popped back to the end of the veranda and rummaged in a big tin ice-chest, rapidly pulling out bottles of all descriptions.
  • At the taco stand we found an empty table, took some Cokes out of the ice-chest and pulled the plastic chairs around so we could all have a good view of the little black and white portable television.
  • It had been used apparently as an ice-chest, but it contained nothing now but the remains of half-dozen boiled chickens, some ambiguous substance that might once have been butter, and a singularly unappetising smell.
  • Michael -- much in the same way that he worshipped anything of the steward's, whether the shoes he polished for him, the clothes he brushed and cleaned for him, or the six bottles of beer he put into the ice-chest each day for him.
  • First, it'll freeze the chunks of brownie, so that they don't break up when you churn: just place the dry ice in the bottom of an ice-chest, with the lid NOT LATCHED (it'll blow up, otherwise), and let them freeze to bowling-ball hardness.

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