IPA: ˈaɪskɫˈɔgd


  • obstructed by ice

Examples of "ice-clogged" in Sentences

  • It presents challenges not faced in the Gulf, including frigid temperatures and ice-clogged seas.
  • We think this is a possible mechanism for gases from below the surface to emerge when ice-clogged pores open in late spring and early summer.
  • Although lanes of water open in the summer along the mainland, many of the channels in the Canadian archipelago remain ice-clogged year-round.
  • The city was heavily criticized for not clearing snow- and ice-clogged side streets, leaving numerous residents — mostly seniors — stranded for weeks.
  • On Christmas night, 1776, General George Washington crossed an ice-clogged Delaware River to take the fight to the British and thus reinvigorated a flagging war for independence.
  • After just a few days in the ice-clogged waters along the northern coast, reached more than a year and a half after their departure from Fort Resolution, the flimsy vessels had started to come apart.
  • To work in cold temperatures and rough, ice-clogged seas, these rigs -- even many that operate just outside the Arctic Circle in the North Sea -- would need an overhaul to their hulls, heating systems and engines, among other changes.

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