ice crystal

IPA: ˈaɪskrˈɪstʌɫ


  • small crystals of ice

Examples of "ice-crystal" in Sentences

  • Ring of ice-crystal light around the moon, bright enough to show colors.
  • Particles of water-ice make up these clouds, like ice-crystal cirrus louds on Earth.
  • The ice-crystal layers of sweet and tart and definitely alcoholic stuff wasn't anything Pausert had encountered.
  • The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie has the chilly perfection of an ice-crystal: not to everyone’s taste, but of its type an unequalled glory.
  • The trashing crescendoed -- furniture pried apart, pipes smashed, fluids spurting out, then freezing or going up in a ice-crystal geysers.
  • Extreme conditions such as ice-crystal abrasion and soil movement also directly damage tree tissues (e.g., conifer needles) and displace individuals.
  • Only at the highest levels—up to 45,000 feet—do we find the ice-crystal clouds cirrus ("like white locks of hair"), cirrocumulus ("like grains of rice") and cirrostratus ("a light, milky whitening of the blue").
  • Besides, he says high fibrinogen in winter is evolution's way of protectiong against ice-crystal damage, but he fails to note that clotting is impaired by hypothermia -- clotting factor levels are not correleted with activity.
  • Since the 1940s, scientists have known that seeding clouds with lead can hasten ice-crystal formation and precipitation, said atmospheric chemist Dan Cziczo of the U.S. Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

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