ice floe

IPA: ˈaɪsfɫˈoʊ


  • Any type of sea ice not attached to land, drift ice.
  • An ice dam (ice jam), a blockage of ice in a river starting with an ice floe in the river.
  • An ice stream (ice flow), a type of fast moving glacier
  • A flat mass of floating ice, smaller than an ice field.


IPA: ˈaɪsfɫˈoʊ


  • Alternative form of ice floe [Any type of sea ice not attached to land, drift ice.]

Examples of "icefloe" in Sentences

    Examples of "ice-floe" in Sentences

    • In 1934 the crewmen of the ice-breaker Chelyuskin were adrift on an ice-floe after the ship went down in the Sea of Chukotsk.
    • If he'd taken that photograph of the bears they would have been a mile safe inland before he opened up with ice-floe melting flame-throwers.
    • The terrorists shrank the ice-floe housing the skidoo shed so much, that the whole thing overturned and plunged to the bottom of the Arctic Ocean.
    • Data from ice-floe measurements show a slight air temperature increase with statistically significant warming in May and June between 1961 and 1990.
    • Ban Ki-moon standing on an Arctic ice-floe making a series of statements so laughable that it was hard to believe such a man can be Secretary-General of the UN.
    • There are various examples of Inuit peoples having difficulty coping with thinning ice, retreating ice-floe edges, and increasing storm frequency during the last decade [14].
    • In her loose nutria coat, seal toque, virginal cheeks unmarked by lines of village jealousies, she was as out of place on this dreary hillside as a scarlet tanager on an ice-floe.
    • When outsiders question whether anyone would be so cynical, they are reminded of that now-famous photograph of a polar bear which appears to be teetering precariously on an Arctic ice-floe, melting faster than ice-cream, in the depths of winter.
    • Merely to be able to run a few yards on an ice-floe appeared to us an event of importance, and we rejoiced no less at the prospect of giving our dogs a good meal of seal's flesh, while we ourselves would have no objection to a little change of diet.

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