IPA: ˈaɪsfrˈi


  • Alternative form of ice-free [Free of all ice; not covered in ice.]


IPA: ˈaɪsfri


  • Free of all ice; not covered in ice.

Examples of "icefree" in Sentences

    Examples of "ice-free" in Sentences

    • We still expect to see ice-free summers sometime in the next few decades.
    • Others predict ice-free summers beginning in 2012, when the Kyoto Treaty expires.
    • What other timesaving strategies do you use to keep your car ice-free during the winter?
    • By 15,500 years ago, the ice-free corridor, that land corridor connecting Alaska with the mainland of the United States, was closed.
    • For a while, geologists believed that the sheets partially melted at just the right time, creating an ice-free corridor that the paleo-Indians walked through.
    • Then, the Arctic was ice-free in the summers with temperatures being between 20 to 29 degrees F warmer than today, sea levels anywhere from 15 to 100 feet higher, and global temperatures 5 to 7 degrees F warmer.
    • The study helps to explain the huge loss of ice in the region during the summers of 2007 and 2008, after which some commentators suggested the Arctic Ocean would be ice-free during the summertime within a decade.
    • The 5 Arctic coastal states (Canada, USA, Norway, Russia and Denmark, which is responsible for the external affairs of Greenland) are conveting the increasingly ice-free and pristine waters of the Arctic as the next oil bonanza.

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