ice hockey

IPA: ˈaɪshˈɑki


  • A form of hockey played on an ice rink with a puck, rather than a ball.

Examples of "ice-hockey" in Sentences

  • The Phoenix Coyotes ice-hockey team moved to Arizona in 1996.
  • A Real American (tm) would using a moose-hunting ice-hockey analogy.
  • That's huge in ice-hockey and halfway to the holy grail of Gretzky's 51 gamer.
  • Associated Press Vladimir Putin posed for a photo with a young ice-hockey player in Perm on Saturday.
  • Munchkin Inc., a baby-products manufacturer, is headquartered in a former ice-hockey rink in North Hills, Calif.
  • Mr. Duncan's ice-hockey tickets are "a way to support the hometown team," said Patrick Newton, a spokesman for the campaign.
  • A Russian plane crash that killed a top ice-hockey team resulted from errors by ill-trained pilots and lax safety measures, a probe found.
  • Every once in a while a discussion emerges about replacing the penalty shootout with an ice-hockey style approach from the middle of the field.
  • MOSCOW—Tens of thousands of people jammed the hockey arena in Yaroslavl on Saturday to pay respects to victims of a plane crash that devastated the Russian city's professional ice-hockey team.

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