ice lolly

IPA: ˈaɪsɫˈɑɫi


  • (Britain, Ireland, Commonwealth) Frozen fruit juice on a stick.

Examples of "ice-lolly" in Sentences

  • Early comers such as snowdrops melt faster than a ice-lolly when it's warm.
  • I couldn't find ice anyhow, so I used a rocket ice-lolly (!!) which I then ate!
  • When I came home I was tired and very hot, but I had an ice-lolly and that helped.
  • I haven't had to rest since I got in, I had an ice-lolly and came online to write this.
  • It was so hot, I poured apple juice into some ice-lolly moulds but they didn't freeze for hours.
  • Her mother was looking after their sick son when Xiang went out to buy an ice-lolly a few yards away.
  • Forgetting to do the right thing with an ice-lolly stick might come to be like forgetting not to kick a dog.
  • We had no ice (can you believe we have no ice in the place?!!) so the nearest thing was an ice-lolly in a plastic bag.
  • But we can understand that – snowboarders are far too busy hurtling down mountains on big ice-lolly sticks to have the time to fumble around in their pockets each time they want to skip the

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