ice machine

IPA: ˈaɪsmʌʃˈin


  • An icemaker.

Examples of "ice-machine" in Sentences

  • We'll take a little ice-machine along next voyage, an 'give' m the best.
  • Justice Department officials said the sale of Enodis's ice-machine business is key to approving the acquisition.
  • Some Sonic Drive-In franchises sell it in cups and in bags to go, while ice-machine makers are competing to make the best chewable ice.
  • And our final adventure came on the third morning, when we discovered a ghost-like scorpion racing around the floor of the hotel's ice-machine room.
  • • The Charles Hotel in Cambridge, Mass., liquidated ice-machine rooms, turned them into into free computer stations and added Skype and video cameras.
  • Government approval of the deal, which is subject to final court approval, came after the two companies agreed to sell Enodis's entire U.S. ice-machine business.
  • He paused, holding the door ajar, and peered into a cool, electric-lighted cement room where stood a long, glass-fronted, glass-shelved refrigerator flanked by an ice-machine and a dynamo.
  • In addition, Manitowoc on Monday reiterated its warning from earlier this month that it could violate certain debt covenants during the second half amid the earnings pressures and lower-than expected proceeds from the sale of its Enodis ice-machine operations.
  • The stipulation regarding the ice-machine business is similar to the antitrust clearance the two companies received late last month by the European Union, which also agreed to the acquisition as long as Manitowoc agreed to sell Enodis's ice-making-machine business in Europe.
  • Since the hotel itself had only one ice machine and from my one stay in a Californian hotel, our machine that did for the entire hotel with its 9 bars was smaller than the one that hotel seemed to have on every floor, so when every single one of these Americans would come and ask for an ice-bucket and the location of the ice-machine, it got complicated.

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