ice mass

IPA: ˈaɪsmˈæs


  • a large mass of ice

Examples of "ice-mass" in Sentences

  • An examination of the sides of the ice-mass also shows to the eye some other peculiarities.
  • This idea is consistent with recent estimates of ice-mass loss in Antarctica and accelerating ice-mass loss on Greenland.
  • They say that “this idea is consistent with recent estimates of ice-mass loss” while dodging the issue that the QUANTITY does not.
  • These great disturbances of the ice-mass must have a cause, and the only conceivable one was that the subjacent land had brought about this disruption of the surface.
  • It is thought that as Earth's climate cooled just over 30 million years ago, the snows that fell on the mountains produced mighty glaciers, which then merged to form one giant spreading ice-mass.
  • He also has a go at that famous melting ice cap theory: The Antarctic, which holds 90 per cent of the world's ice and nearly all its 160,000 glaciers, has cooled and gained ice-mass in the past 30 years, reversing a 6,000-year melting trend.
  • Wilson had not only been busy with the penguins at Cape Crozier, but had also made a complete examination of the enormous and interesting pressure ridges which form the junction of the Great Barrier ice-mass with the land, and subsequently had spent much time in studying the windless area to the south of Ross Island.

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