ice needle

IPA: ˈaɪsnˈidʌɫ


  • a small crystal of ice floating in the high atmosphere; a constituent of snow mist

Examples of "ice-needle" in Sentences

  • He couldn't see the ice-needle Freyja from his single window.
  • Nylan pointed to Freyja-the ice-needle peak that towered above the unfinished tower, above the other mountains.
  • Then the horsemen ride toward the low rise, over which looms the ice-needle peak that dominates the Roof of the World.
  • He cleared his throat, his eyes flicking to the window and Freyja, the ice-needle that sometimes seemed warmer and more approachable than Ryba.
  • Framed in the right-hand window, the unglazed one, was Freyja, the ice-needle peak faintly luminescent under the clear stars and the black-purple sky.
  • While he waited for Huldran, he glanced out toward the southwest, taking in the ice-needle of Freyja, the peak that glittered in the midday light like a de-energizer beam sensed through the Winterlance's net.

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