ice pack

IPA: ˈaɪspˈæk


  • A large floating mass of ice; pack ice.
  • A pack of crushed ice applied to the body in order to reduce pain or inflammation.
  • A plastic sac of silicone that can be cooled in a freezer and then used in a cool bag, cool box or cooler; a freezer block


IPA: ˈaɪspæk


  • Alternative spelling of ice pack [A large floating mass of ice; pack ice.]

Examples of "icepack" in Sentences

    Examples of "ice-pack" in Sentences

    • Milk would be awful unless you put in an ice-pack.
    • But between ice-pack rotation and gauze changes here are a few links:
    • Perhaps there was a palliative device - an ice-pack or some such - that she was holding to said tooth.
    • Leaving Lyttelton on January 1, 1908, the Nimrod reached the ice-pack on the 15th, and arrived in the open Ross Sea in lat. 70º 43 'S., long. 178º 58' E.
    • So all we have to do is bleed-off some of what they carry - to the tune of 0.8 feet every hundred years - to match the sea-level rise from ice-pack melt-off.
    • Tayshaun Prince warmed up for the second half with a large ice-pack taped to his right calf, but played 20 minutes after the break and finished with 20 points. ...
    • The ships were now faced by the ice-pack, but to Ross this was not the dangerous enemy it had appeared to earlier explorers with their more weakly constructed vessels.
    • The Frenchman, Bouvet (1738), was the first to follow the southern ice-pack for any considerable distance, and to bring reports of the immense, flat-topped Antarctic icebergs.
    • I'll have to give this a go, because just yesterday, I got punched in the face at my Tukong class (now we're even, Steven!) and was sitting on the couch holding an ice-pack to my Rudolph while trying to check email and Facebook.
    • It's been used by LGBT Democrats with increasing desperation as an excuse, to themselves as much as to others -- a flesh-toned cover-up for bruising announcements from the general vicinity of the White House about LGBT-related policy regarding the Defense of Marriage Act; a towel-wrapped ice-pack pressed against the swelling numbers of LGBT servicemen and women being expelled from the military under Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

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