IPA: ˈaɪsɛpɪk


  • A pointed tool, shaped like an awl, used for breaking ice.


  • (transitive) To break or stab with an icepick.

ice pick

IPA: ˈaɪspˈɪk


  • Alternative spelling of icepick [A pointed tool, shaped like an awl, used for breaking ice.]

Examples of "icepick" in Sentences

  • Icepick is a hardcore punk band formed in 1996.
  • They've been known to use an icepick to the skull.
  • Thus the need for an icebox, and thereby an icepick.
  • I would, myself, except I don't have an icepick handy.
  • I uploaded the picture and added it to the icepick article.
  • That an icepick can be used as a weapon does not make it so.
  • Fun and warmth and sun only lead to my skull-splitting icepick.
  • After buying the building permit CJ is kidnapped by Icepick and his gang.
  • Dressed in a red T shirt, he tucked the icepick into his dark blue pants.
  • Eventually, Lucadello is found dead with an icepick penetrating his only eye.
  • The problem here is similar to the difference between an icepick and a pickaxe.
  • I didn't want to jam that icepick through your eye, but you left me no other choice.
  • As always a pleasure to listen to the Ninjas sharing their ancient wisdom. icepick says:
  • I was halfway through my drink and the thought of lounging at the pool with Jenna and her sister made me want to stick an icepick in my eye.
  • Getting drunk: a few drinks, definitely, but past experience had taught me the loose pleasures of too many were sure to be followed by icepick stabbing pain.
  • Is Transformers: Dark of the Moon, the third cinematic iteration of Hasbro's undying toyline, better than Revenge of the Fallen, the witless, charmless sequel from two years ago that I've previously said I'd sooner stick an icepick in my ear than watch again?
  • Soon there will come a mounting sense of dread when the reality dawns that if the chosen leader should for some reason – cold feet, an icepick in the skull, tempting odds on a rival – fail to heed the nation's call, then the next best available candidate is Neil Warnock.
  • If these scumbags had their way, all children would be psych-drugged into oblivion, most eventually becoming high school gunmen; vicious de-programmers would constantly be leaping out from shadowy corners; there would be all-night electroshock parlors on the high street of every village, town and city; and anyone who tried to live an ethical life would quickly receive an icepick lobotomy.

Examples of "ice-pick" in Sentences

  • I popped open my truck, pulled out my ice-pick, then started walking toward his truck.
  • He stared at the new moon, at the clipped-toenail moon and the swarm of stars like countless ice-pick stabbings.
  • There was just enough time for her to inhale before an ice-pick went through her eye to cross the spike at right angles.
  • For this new, old exercise, one player holds the knife in the common grip, aka the saber; the other uses the ice-pick grip, aka, the ... ice pick grip.
  • It was noon, bitterly below freezing; still, attendees crossed the dusty concrete floor in beaded chiffon gowns, strapless leather bustiers and ice-pick heels.
  • The common grip is supposed to give you the reach over somebody using the ice-pick grip, but with Edwin using that with his foot-long practice blade and me with my shorter trainer, he's still got the reach on me.

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