ice plant

IPA: ˈaɪspɫˈænt


  • A succulent annual, Mesembryanthemum crystallinum, of the fig marigold family, having pale pink flowers and fleshy leaves covered with glistening water vesicles.
  • Any of several plants in fig marigold family, Aizoaceae, which were formerly classified in the genus Mesembryanthemum along with Mesembryanthemum crystallinum.
  • Especially, Carpobrotus edulis.

Examples of "ice-plant" in Sentences

  • Mesembryaceae, of which the common ice-plant of our gardens is an example.
  • The little plant looks like the common ice-plant of old-fashioned gardens, and is actually kin to it.
  • To his great amazement, there at his feet were the little pool and the ice-plant, and hard by grew the evergreen tree.
  • I'm interested in the bank, the sugar-mill, the hardware-store, the ice-plant -- Say, that ice - plant's a luxury for a town this size.
  • Many a hundred years has gone by since this happened, but still if you travel in that land you may see the ice-plant and the evergreen tree.
  • Bank, of which Blaze was a proud but somewhat ornamental director; then to the sugar-mill, the ice-plant, and other points of equally novel interest.
  • Electric fixtures, drugs, surgical dressings, splints, and orthopedic appliances also were called for in large quantities; and an ice-plant too must be provided.
  • In an ice-plant operated on the can system a great many blocks are freezing at once -- in fact, the whole floor of a great room is honeycombed with trap-doors, a door for each can.
  • As he spoke the gift of heavenly vision descended on the Prior, and he saw where Bresal sat on a rock in the sun gazing at the evergreen tree and the ice-plant about the little pool, and he perceived that Bresal fancied he was looking at these things.
  • The exotic cactus, with its gorgeous blossoms of scarlet, flourished where the sun shone hottest; and there were beds of heart's-ease, forget-me-nots, single pinks and carnations, creeping ice-plant and the delicate sensitive plant, shrubs of crêpe myrtle and althea, with rows of holly-hocks

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