ice rink

IPA: ˈaɪsrˈɪŋk


  • A specially frozen surface of water on which people skate or play ice hockey; the building that houses such a surface.

Examples of "ice-rink" in Sentences

  • My good news: I learn backwards skating at the ice-rink and did a 5K run!
  • Once you have the torch go back upstairs, go right then down into the ice-rink room.
  • NASCAR vehicles could race against ice-rink Zambonis, which reach dizzying speeds of a few miles per hour.
  • In between the two, in Rathausplatz (literally ‘Town Hall Place’), there is a giant ice-rink and fair of sorts.
  • Opposite and only during the winter months, is a small ice-rink what else? surrounded by twinkly Christmas lights, for guests to enjoy.
  • The renovation, designed by Grimshaw Architects, will convert the ice-rink area—roughly the size of an airplane hanger—into museum spaces.
  • Take a trip to a New York ice-rink at the weekend and you're likely to see a middle-aged Japanese man jumping and spinning in perfect harmony with Newtonian physics.
  • Love is filled with images that are simultaneously ridiculous, beautiful, and audacious, like a skating ballet with four Elenas gliding in unison that devolves into an ice-rink massacre as one Elena double after another loses her so-called life.
  • Her profile features a photo of herself in an ice-rink pratfall, a listing of her specialties parties, site-seeing, family functions and a testimonial from a satisfied customer: "Sheila was fun to hang out with, well informed, and easy to talk to."

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