IPA: ˈaɪsskˈeɪtɝ


  • someone who engages in ice skating

ice skater

IPA: ˈaɪskeɪtɝ


  • A person who ice-skates.

Examples of "ice-skater" in Sentences

  • Meh, somehow I don't think I'm ever going to be an ice-skater.
  • "Careful!" she laughed as she struggled to stay standing like a bad ice-skater.
  • In the case of the ice-skater, the conserved quantity is something called ‘angular momentum’.
  • As a child and young teenager, she trained as an ice-skater and had Olympic aspirations, but dropped those plans after suffering a series of injuries.
  • "It's what we call the ice-skater effect," David Kerridge, head of Earth hazards and systems at the British Geological Survey in Edinburgh told Bloomberg.
  • Other rumored celebs who have expressed interest in joining Dancing with the Stars are Kate Gosselin, Olympic ice-skater Evan Lysacek, Olympic diver Greg Louganis, and Kevin Federline.
  • The tile entry was slick in his socks, and he felt a bit like a beginner ice-skater feeling his way, but the rubber stopper on the end of the cane gave him security as Eva led him toward the back of the house.
  • If an ice-skater is spinning slowly with their arms spread out, and then they pull their arms in towards them, they will begin to spin much faster … this time, informally, we could say that slower ‘wide spinning’ has been transformed into faster ‘narrow spinning’.

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