ice storm

IPA: ˈaɪsstˈɔrm


  • A storm in which rain freezes on contact with the ground to form a sheet of ice.

Examples of "ice-storm" in Sentences

  • Last year in the Northeast we had a terrible ice-storm.
  • I bought a genererator about 4 years ago, after an ice-storm left us without power for 4 days.
  • Really, they were shooting and killing townsfolk who had already been victimized by ice-storm blackouts and so on?
  • The National Weather Service issued winter storm warnings from eastern Texas to North Carolina, with ice-storm warnings for Mississippi and Alabama.
  • An ice storm isn't the same kind of stressor that people encounter in everyday life, and the women in the ice-storm study don't necessarily represent all women.
  • I remember standing out on one of the springwalks, and it was between the bells so it was late, and I was staring out into the ice-storm veils, watching them sweep and rush into dark vortices then uncoil again.
  • Just as Tony Bliar [sic] was announcing on his blog that ‘global warming is getting worse,’ just as Al Gore was testifying before the Senate -- during an ice-storm -- that we face a ‘climate crisis,’ global temperatures plummeted still more.

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