ice tongs

IPA: ˈaɪstˈɑŋz


  • tongs for lifting blocks of ice

Examples of "ice-tongs" in Sentences

  • Also he wore di'mon's fit to handle with ice-tongs.
  • I feel as if I'd been squeezed by a pair of ice-tongs.
  • _ "I said again, with the flute turning into a pair of ice-tongs that clamped into the corners of my heart.
  • Addison and I then set to work with two of our new ice-saws, and hauled out the cakes with the ice-tongs, while
  • A heavy pair of tongs, like ice-tongs, is attached to one end, and the log is snaked out by horses to the skidway.
  • After getting you back till your spine interferes with the chair itself, he shoves your head into a pair of ice-tongs, and dashes at the camera again.
  • The Injun had pretty well wore himself out by this time, and when he felt those ice-tongs he just stiffened out -- an Injun's dead game that-away; he won't make a holler when you hurt him.
  • We built a new ice-house near the east barn in November; and in December the old Squire drove to Portland and brought home a complete kit of tools -- three ice-saws, an ice-plow or groover, ice-tongs, hooks, chisels, tackle and block.
  • We had two pairs of ice-tongs, and we would put on our rubber boots, and take the tongs, and go out into the snow, and fasten to a log -- one at each end -- and drag it across Captain Ben's iron door-sill, and lift it in and swing it across the stout andirons with a skill that improved with each day's practice.

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