ice up

IPA: ˈaɪsˈʌp


  • (intransitive, of a mechanical device, etc.) To become covered or clogged with ice.
  • (transitive) To coat with ice; to cause to become covered or clogged with ice.
  • (transitive) To put ice in or on something, especially a beverage or on an injured body part.

Examples of "ice-up" in Sentences

  • And, in case it does ice-up, TxDOT crews are out and about, ready to respond.
  • If there's any chance at all for ice-up, add a half hour, minimum, and bring a portable spotlight.
  • Well, no; but I did have an extra set of liners to prevent ice-up like what had happened on Capitol.
  • You could feel the room “ice-up” when he said “you could stand on an air-craft carrier, a pile of smoking rubble and the ruins of New Orleans”….
  • They bite best in green weeds in shallows during the first month after ice-up, and they return a month or so before ice-out in anticipation of spawning.

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