ice yacht

IPA: ˈaɪsjɑt


  • A craft, in the broad shape of a yacht, fitted with skis or runners so as to sail on the ice.

Examples of "ice-yacht" in Sentences

  • Cadogan was sailing through Hades on an ice-yacht.
  • I soon got back, and a relief party was at once sent in the ice-yacht to fetch Tom away in triumph.
  • "And you don't have to lie down for 'low bridge' when the boom goes over on this ice-yacht!" cried Jess enthusiastically.
  • Sometimes an ice-yacht would sail past the islet; sometimes a few boys would pass on skates; otherwise it was quiet and forsaken.
  • Eventually Baker retreated in disorder from the presence of this head-clerk, having learned that the latter did not give a-- -- if Casper Cadogan was sailing through Hades on an ice-yacht.

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