IPA: ˈaɪsmæn


  • A person who trades in ice; a person employed to deliver block ice.
  • A man who is skilled in travelling upon ice, as among glaciers.
  • A human figure carved out of ice.
  • An ancient human male mummified in ice.
  • (slang) An assassin.
  • (slang) One who is cool under pressure.
  • (dated) A man in attendance at a frozen pond where skating etc. is going on.

Examples of "iceman" in Sentences

  • He has special dialogue with Iceman.
  • Currently, the co host is the Iceman.
  • During the fight, Iceman was captured.
  • The ICEMAN is a recent addition to the show.
  • In addition, he and Iceman fight the Maha Yogi.
  • Cyclops and Iceman intervene but both are defeated.
  • He fought and was defeated by the Beast and Iceman.
  • Note the reverts by StanStun and Iceman are identical.
  • Being an iceman was a very arduous and straining lifestyle.
  • Bobby Drake transforms into Iceman and attacks the creature.
  • Back in the day when people used iceboxes to keep food cold, the iceman was a constant visitor in everyone's home, but once refrigerators became affordable, the iceman went the way of the Dodo bird.
  • Come to think of it, that would be quite a match up; the iceman is a monster, but do you think he could take out alexander the great's most decorated warrior in full battle regalia (i.e. javelin, armor, sword)?
  • It was from watching the Stooges that I learned who the iceman was and what he cameth for, that people used to listen to the radio instead of watching television, that a dime would buy you a cup of coffee and a piece of pie, that there were still horse-drawn delivery wagons working in the streets, and that men wore suits everywhere, even in the unemployment line.

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