IPA: aɪkʌnˈɑgrʌfi


  • A set of specified or traditional symbolic forms associated with the subject or theme of a stylized genre of art.
  • The art of representation by pictures or images; the description or study of portraiture or representation, as of persons.
  • The study of representative art in general.

Examples of "iconography" in Sentences

  • Attire and cultural iconography.
  • Iconography of the Holy Chalice.
  • Iconography in service to ideology.
  • They are not as per the iconography.
  • Ouspensky specialised in iconography.
  • A History of colour.form,and iconography.
  • The content and iconography of the pieces
  • The iconography of a painting is the imagery in it.
  • His statuary may be grouped on the basis of physiognomy and iconography.
  • Rotwang was very influential in the iconography of the mad scientist archetype.
  • I ask her questions about her iconography, and she acts as though she has no idea what the word iconography even means.
  • And what surprised me in the Tennessee case is that that whole iconography from the early republic seems to have been lost in this sense of quid quo pro - if you give me money, I will protect you.
  • The word iconography comes from the Greek word εἰκονογραφία; in modern usage iconography is a de - scription and/or interpretation of the content of works of art and therefore its history belongs to the history of human ideas.
  • The aim of the art of iconography is to give witness to the presence of God in his visible image ... the composition and the perspective, the colors and the light, the decorative elements: everything takes on a spiritual meaning ...
  • Some of our recent features related to the work and writing of David Clayton, which is inclusive of the iconographic tradition, as well as a recent mention of Russian iconography by Fr. Raymond Blake put me to mind of my own long-standing interest in iconography, particularly from the Byzantine tradition.

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