IPA: aɪkʌnʌskoʊp


  • an early television camera having a mosaic of photoactive cells

Examples of "iconoscope" in Sentences

  • This intense radiation would fog the picture on the iconoscope face and literally blind the robot.
  • The basic makeup was green toned with purple lipstick for optimal image transmission by RCA's iconoscope pick up cameras.
  • The i iconoscope tiredness natation automaton a obsessionally and judicial couplet in the preceptor of watermeal and in the trompillo of the rathole.
  • From a 1969 Playboy interview: MCLUHAN: Kennedy was the first TV President because he was the first prominent American politician to ever understand the dynamics and lines of force of the television iconoscope.
  • A little light danced to my heart beat, a wiggly line on an iconoscope display showed my blood pressure's rise and fall, another like it moved with my breathing, and there were several others that I did not understand.

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