IPA: ɪktʌɫ


  • (medicine) Of or pertaining to a sudden physiologic attack such as a seizure, stroke or headache.

Examples of "ictal" in Sentences

  • I saw your article on ictal asystole.
  • Seizure localization by ictal and postictal SPECT.
  • Acute prolonged confusion in later life as in ictal state.
  • Most patients are in a post ictal state following a seizure.
  • Ictal headaches can often be controlled with anticonvulsants.
  • Ictal headaches are headaches associated with seizure activity.
  • This is apparently an ictal anarthria with preserved internal speech.
  • These patients also have focal seizures which are not Rolandic, with blindness, vertigo, and torsion of the body as ictal signs.
  • This petit mal-free form is a special variant of primary generalized epilepsy which also shows slightly different inter-ictal bursts in the EEG.
  • Some of these patients show focal motor or sensory ictal activity of leg predominance but, more often, the ictal symptoms do not correspond with the spike localization.
  • The first observation of the ictal EEG pattern of petit mal has been the starting point for numerous attempts to explain the phenomenon of primary generalized seizure discharges.
  • This form of childhood epilepsy is occasionally listed among the primary generalized epilepsies despite its prominent focal features in the ictal and electroencephalographic semiology.
  • One Sick: well, having had just a few months I think of 'fits' I wish them on no one and yes, I could see with post ictal state that it would be hard to work and I would want people to get treatment.
  • While all of the ictal manifestations of primary generalized epilepsy tend to occur in children and adolescents, the absence status not only occurs in elderlies but may even have its onset in old age.
  • The EEG shows endless sequences of ictal spike discharges during focal motor attacks but becomes uninformative in states of epilepsia partialis continua, which probably originate from deep structures or possibly from lamina V of the motor cortex without participation of the superficial layers.

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