IPA: aɪdˈiʌɫaɪz


  • Alternative spelling of idealize [(transitive) To regard something as ideal.]

Examples of "idealise" in Sentences

  • And the data has been idealised.
  • That is an idealised thing though.
  • All this is for an idealised condition.
  • This is a simple and idealised situation.
  • The article describes the idealised method.
  • The faces are more realistic and not idealised.
  • Herein are idealised the virtues of a gentleman.
  • There are several other such idealised descriptions.
  • This is to "idealise" in the right sense of the word.
  • To idealise, therefore, is not to be blind, but to be far-seeing.
  • If we call it beautiful, then we seek to idealise poverty and coercion.
  • German philosophy — the tendency to universalise and idealise the I and consciousness.
  • You restore the lost youth of manhood by idealisation, and you compel your readers to 'idealise' with you -- but 'to idealise' is rather a dangerous verb!
  • The word "idealise," which is the more commonly used, has unfortunately two meanings, a true and a false; and, again unfortunately, the false prevails in vulgar use.
  • He told the Palestinian daily Al Hayat Al Jadida: "We cannot expect a people under occupation to have textbooks which idealise, praise and express love for their occupiers."
  • The American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise answered to his response: "Israeli texts do not 'idealise, praise and express love' for the Palestinians, but they do not malign or disseminate hatred against them either."
  • You idealise your attitude, you go far back in time, you enmesh yourself in theories and generalisations, you ride your imagination proudly, in order to reconcile yourself to something which suggests itself as more ideal than that for which the unreasoning heart hungers.
  • To "idealise" in the true sense is to disengage an "idea" of all that is trivial or impertinent or transient or disturbing, and present it to men in its clearest outline, so that its own proper form shines in on the intelligence, as you would wipe away from a discovered statue all stains or accretions of mud or moss or fungus, to release and reveal its true beauty.

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