IPA: aɪdˈiɫi


  • In an ideal way; perfectly.
  • Given ideal circumstances; preferably.

Examples of "ideally" in Sentences

  • Ideally, the separation of the signals is complete.
  • In short, to Richard Nixon, television ideally is the mirror, mirror on the wall.
  • Not all will be perfect but the sum of them, ideally, is enough to trip up a problem.
  • Obama ideally is running on the same platform-policy wise-as Clinton, except he has a lot more integrity and his campaign is funded solely by the people.
  • The designer's job, ideally, is to create an experience the player will enjoy, to show them something unique and new, to help them do something unique and new.
  • There was a point to what I was doing and I specifically italicized the word ideally for people like you who cannot handle questions or proposed discussions of this nature. by
  • Again ideally, all of this activity, interest, and forward momentum would crescendo in a flurry of new Manila plug-ins and Radio Tools which would attract more subscribers and projects.
  • Before you purchase a full size snooker table for your home, be sure you have enough space; the minimum space required ideally is 22 foot long and 16 foot wide to allow for cueing all around the table.
  • The most that would ever happen over WP is the same thing that happened with Abu Grahib – the blame would fall to some relatively low-ranking officer (ideally from the Reserves) who would take the fall but complain bitterly about it.

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