IPA: ɪgnˈoʊbʌɫnʌs


  • The state or condition of being ignoble.

Examples of "ignobleness" in Sentences

  • This is faint-heartedness and cowardice, ignobleness and unmanliness.
  • No trace remains here of the ignobleness and the culture of colonialism.
  • There was an ignobleness in it -- a self-absorption which was almost dishonour.
  • For a brief instant she sensed dimly the ignobleness of her jealousy of his daughter.
  • Could she live with such a man without sooner or later taking a taint of his ignobleness?
  • "ignobleness" of seriously trying the reverse, and of lying with its very tongue, what are we to expect?
  • You are bitter against the average man for his low morality; but that fault, on the whole, is directly traceable to the ignobleness of women.
  • So closely is it packed in among buildings which suggest nothing but the sordid struggle for existence, that it looks depressed, ashamed, tainted by the ignobleness of its surroundings.
  • Therefore, said Handwan, he must mind that he did not rob of his empire the man with whom he sought alliance, nor bespatter her with the filth of ignobleness whom he desired to honour with marriage: else he would tarnish the honour of the union with covetousness.
  • It were impossible for a wife, knowing her husband to be innocent, and resenting the ignobleness of a government which would thus refuse to a self-surrendered prisoner the courtesies the law allows to the lowest of criminals, to rest passively under conditions so alarming.

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