IPA: ˈɪgnɝʌns


  • The condition of being uninformed or uneducated; lack of knowledge or information.
  • (religion, in the plural) Sins committed through ignorance.
  • A personification of ignorance.

Examples of "ignorance" in Sentences

  • I apologize for the ignorance.
  • They denuded the veil of ignorance.
  • Where is the ignorance or the foolery
  • Where is the ignorance or foolery in this
  • It is demonstrative ignorance of the contributor.
  • As innocuous as it seems, it is the seed of ignorance.
  • Here the term ignorance implies that the underlying details of how an object can be persisted are
  • Thats not true, typically stress is caused becasue you DO understand, hence the term ignorance is bliss.
  • As for me personally, I think conservatives living in ignorance is pretty damn funny – so I would never try to change your mind.
  • He uses the term ignorance to include not only factual ignorance but also philosophical confusion, and ignorance about what kinds of things are good.
  • With regard to life's origin ignorance is depicted as a gap which will eventaully be overcome with evidence backing mainstream conceptions - the promissory note.
  • There is an ignorance that is sought on purpose, called _affected ignorance_ (in the Shakspearian sense of the word _affect_), as when a man will not read begging-letters, that he may not give anything away.
  • The arrogance of the use of the term ignorance here, requires no animadversion; but to suppose the greatest master, then in existence, of the English language, not acquainted with the meaning of the word, when he asked to be informed of the meaning attached to it by the individual making use of it, gives us some insight into the true character of the teacher.

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