IPA: aɪgwˈɑnʌ


  • A green iguana (Iguana iguana), a large tropical American lizard often kept as a pet.
  • (zoology) Any member of the genus Iguana.
  • Colloquially, in America and the Pacific, any of several members of the lizard family Iguanidae.
  • Colloquially, in Africa, any large member of the genus Varanus, especially the aquatic Nile monitor (see leguan).
  • (Australia, formerly) Any member of the genus Varanus (see goanna).

Examples of "iguana" in Sentences

  • No, you probably kept the iguana.
  • An iguana can be seen occasionally.
  • The iguana is not a comparable example.
  • An iguana's ear is known as the tympanum.
  • Renegade the Iguana and Lizard Terrarium.
  • It is sometimes referred to as a forest iguana .
  • The Gasparilla iguanas are not of the genus iguana.
  • Chalarodon is a genus of Malagasy terrestrial iguana.
  • This male iguana is about 1.2 meters long, including tail.
  • As such, he is also occasionally referred to as the Iguana .
  • The iguana is a lizard which feeds on fruits and vegetables.
  • Ant predation of iguana eggs is another threat to the species.
  • It was not an iguana, which is so different in appearance as to make it impossible to confuse the two.
  • The large teguexin lizard of the pampas, called iguana by the country people, is a notable snake-killer.
  • "The gentleman claimed that the iguana was his service animal, so I am not sure the police looked into it further," Mr. Ayres says.
  • One of the biggest offenders, iguanas; one man in Boca Raton decided to take the pesky lizards on, inventing a repellant called iguana rid.
  • Gutting the iguana is a gory business, followed by cutting off the paws and removing the glands called bolitas, found at the top part of the legs.
  • Lizards are plentiful in the forests, the largest class being known as iguana, which is eaten by some of the country people, as it was in former days by the Indians.
  • As noted by Stempell, there are two or three species of large lizards in Central America commonly called iguana, and it is probable that the one here considered is the _Ctenosaura acanthura_ of
  • Both frogs are then put inside a hollowed-out river iguana, which is then stuffed into a large river fish and placed inside a box full of coals that is heated and tossed out behind the boat for further maceration.

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