IPA: ˈaɪkɑn


  • Alternative form of icon (religious image). [An image, symbol, picture, or other representation usually as an object of religious devotion.]

Examples of "ikon" in Sentences

  • At least a reading will expose the games Ikon is playing.
  • It is unfortunate that IKON is again trying to bully an editor.
  • Ikon is a limited company, registered as an educational charity.
  • Also, please read the discussions that I have had with the Ikon.
  • It is about a boy called Ikon who is very interested in the stars.
  • Ikon was set up to encourage the public to engage in contemporary art.
  • Ikon is a competition for established artists as opposed to new artists.
  • She worked as journalist for the IKON and at the debate centre De Balie.
  • The Ikon has an artistic programme consisting of three interdependent strands.
  • IKON Office Solutions is a provider of document management systems and services.
  • Głównym motywem zmian miało być ułatwienie dostępu do ikon programów dokujących w tacce.
  • For those of you looking confused and drug-addled, the word ikon is Greek, and means ‘image.’
  • With that awkwardness in giving and taking which belongs to his class, he held out to Desiree a little square "ikon" no bigger than a playing-card.
  • Here he is by way of being the same thing as in Petersburg -- i.e., an ikon which is prayed to for being old and for having once hung by the side of the miracle-working ikons.
  • I picked it up: it was some kind of ikon he'd been fussing with, that's all very well and you can carry a rabbit's foot with you but don't forget it didn't do the rabbit any good.
  • Zaletą takiego rozwiązania byłaby też możliwość umieszczania podpisów obok ikon programów dokujących w tacce, dzięki czemu użytkownik będzie mógł łatwiej rozpoznać interesujący go program.
  • And so we returned to the brightly lit apartment, where the guests had assembled, and here, with a solemnity befitting the occasion, they turned toward the sacred "ikon," and knelt and prayed for our safety and success.
  • System, który polegał na ukrywaniu ikon, był dość problematyczny, ponieważ prowadził do dezorganizacji kolejności wyświetlanych programów podczas gdy jeden z nich, pozostający w ukryciu, został nagle wywołany przez działanie systemu.
  • Tipsy: jeśli chcemy dodać ikony programów na pulpicie, uruchamiamy Dolphina z trybem edytowalnego paska adresu (ctrl + l) i wpisujemy tam: programs:/ponieważ ustawienie pulpitu w trybie Pulpit pozwala tylko na wstawianie ikon jako widgety, można uruchomić widget Widok katalogu i ustawić w nim aby wyświetlał dowolny katalog w którym zgromadzimy nasze ikony programów

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