IPA: dʒˈæb


  • A quick stab or blow; a poking or thrusting motion.
  • (boxing) A short straight punch.
  • (Britain) A medical hypodermic injection (vaccination or inoculation)
  • (Britain, Australia, New Zealand) A vaccination, whether or not delivered via conventional injection.
  • (US, figurative) A mild verbal insult.


  • To poke or thrust abruptly, or to make such a motion.
  • To deliver a quick punch.
  • (slang, UK) To give someone an injection.
  • (slang) To vaccinate or inoculate someone.

Examples of "jab" in Sentences

  • I accept that no jab was intended.
  • I took a jab at it but to no avail.
  • It is just a jab at them in general.
  • The jab was not in my original definition.
  • Don't misunderstand the jovial jab, though
  • Also the definition of the jab is not correct.
  • The latter was an irrelevant and infantile jab.
  • As for the Kerry edit, I apologize for my puckish jab.
  • JAB did the statistical analysis to select the pedigrees.
  • She can jab a finger into the limb of an opponent and paralyze it.
  • A friendly political jab is a small price to pay to avoid a ticket.
  • Other infections which the injections guard against are MMR and the controversial cervical cancer jab, which is for girls only.
  • Moore's parting jab is that Goss granted the interview with Moore's producers without bothering to check who they were working for.
  • Besides the mandatory record label jab, all of Black Thought's punches are directed at himself, being a better man, seeking a stronger deity.
  • One problem with the jab is that in some Heartland cities – whose values Jamie is supposed to stand for – Ann Taylor stores are the most stylish in town.
  • But the Elián jab is more like a haymaker, replicating Alan Diaz's famous Associated Press photo of the closet invasion, with Yogi and BooBoo in the starring roles.
  • I am disappointed to see that negativity upheld by Non Sequitur, but I have to admit that jab is well deserved by the slobs who use the anonymity and remoteness of the field to conduct themselves poorly.
  • McMaster's jab is notable because the rest of the Republican candidates for governor – not wanting to be weighed down by the Sanford saga - have so far tread lightly when handling questions about the governor.
  • I must say, though, that Americans typically manage pronunciation of "un-Englished" words better than Australians do - and much better than most British speakers, many of whom will say "Poonjab" with a second syllable like the English word "jab", not with the more correct "jahb".

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