IPA: dʒˈæbɪŋ


  • A motion or gesture that jabs; a jab.

Examples of "jabbing" in Sentences

  • Others, such as jabbing her repeatedly with a pin, he did not.
  • York threw his body at the man, his sword jabbing at the man’s torso.
  • Eventually bored, Covalt struck back, his sword jabbing at his opponent's exposed chest.
  • He smiled again, squinting and tossing his head left and right in short, jabbing motions.
  • And I could not get over the idea of jabbing a needle so deeply and blindly into someone's chest.
  • I saw the foremost swimmers struck upon the head, or pushed away by violent "jabbing" from the oars and handspikes.
  • "I married your mother," he'd add unnecessarily, jabbing a thumb in the direction of his wife of more than half a century.
  • The researchers also used measurements from a 2003 study to estimate the impact of using a thrusted rather than thrown spear, the kind of jabbing that Neandertals are thought to have employed.
  • "See here," he continued, "jabbing," with great noise and force the compasses with which he was measuring off our position, into the chart, as if that was in fault, while Fosset and O'Neil laughed.

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