IPA: dʒˈæbʌt


  • A cascading or ornamental frill down the front of a blouse, shirt, etc.

Examples of "jabot" in Sentences

  • The verger has a white jabot at the throat.
  • My immediate knitting future – not jabot, not jack ...
  • Holly, those leads on jabot design you posted yest ...
  • JaBot contains relatively little linguistic sophistication.
  • They engage in sex for the first time in his office at Jabot.
  • The jabot is full of double yo’s, with a clearly readable sign.
  • It is typically worn open with a waistcoat, lace jabot and cuffs.
  • I must have some lace, and I think James’s jabot is the direction to go.
  • His deal with Gloria goes through and the Abbotts regain control at Jabot.
  • Meanwhile, she and Jeffrey set up a dummy corporation to buy Jabot shares.
  • In modern usage, one might see a jabot worn by a verger at an Anglican church.
  • Victor went to war against Jabot Cosmetics and nearly put Jabot out of business.
  • Much of my internal monologue yesterday was accordingly devoted to jabot-knitting.
  • JaBot is currently a static agent in the sense that it can only access information on the Web site where it is located.
  • On a brighter note, the Christine Duchrow books I ordered from the Needle Arts bookshop turned up yesterday – and sure enough, there are jabot patterns.
  • Input questions are semantically parsed in a way that enables JaBot to answer a large range of basic queries about a Web site with some degree of flexibility.

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