IPA: dʒˈækʌmɑr


  • Any of various insectivorous tropical birds, of the family Galbulidae, having iridescent plumage and a long, sharp bill.

Examples of "jacamar" in Sentences

  • The jacamars remain a part of the Piciformes.
  • “That must be a jacamar,” said Herbert, trying to get nearer.
  • It was indeed a jacamar, of which the plumage shines with a metallic luster.
  • The Rufous tailed Jacamar is typically 25 cm long with a 5 cm long black bill.
  • A bird called jacamar is often taken for a kingfisher, but it has no relationship to that tribe.
  • Lories are better food than the jacamar, the flesh of which is rather tough, but it was difficult to persuade
  • “This will be a good opportunity to taste jacamar,” replied the sailor, “if that fellow is in a humor to be roasted!”
  • This area is home to several endangered and endemic birds, including the white-necked parakeet, coppery-chested jacamar, and bicoloured antvireo.
  • Just then, a stone cleverly thrown by the boy, struck the creature on the wing, but the blow did not disable it, and the jacamar ran off and disappeared in an instant.

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