jack pine

IPA: dʒˈækpˈaɪn


  • An evergreen tree, Pinus banksiana.

Examples of "jack-pine" in Sentences

  • In the dim light of dawn Bill picked his way up through the jack-pine flat.
  • Herself she blamed for trying to carve intaglios in good wholesome jack-pine.
  • He was forced to slow down as he wound through the sparse jack-pine forest that surrounded the marsh.
  • Thus reinforced he continued to put the leagues behind him till night, when he slept under a convenient jack-pine.
  • The jack-pine shadows reached far into the clearing as Oskar fastened on his skis and headed back along the tote-road.
  • They sat on the bowlder for a few minutes, then scrambled downhill to the jack-pine flat, and built their evening fire.
  • High in the air he bucked, swapping ends like a flash, and landing with all four feet "on a dollar," his legs stiff as jack-pine posts.
  • He scolded himself for permitting her intrusion, and turned his mind to the mellow fields where he would follow the plough until the sun dipped into the Rockies, And then he would turn the horses loose for food and rest, and in the shack the jack-pine knots would be frying in the kitchen stove, and the little table would be set, and

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