jack up

IPA: dʒˈækˈʌp


  • To raise, hoist, or lift a thing using a jack, or similar means.
  • (informal) To raise, increase, or accelerate; often said of prices, fees, or rates.
  • (colloquial) To ruin; wreck; mess up; screw up; sometimes as a bowdlerized substitution for fuck up.
  • (obsolete, transitive and intransitive, dialect, West Country and Australia) To give up; to abandon (something, e.g. a job, contract)
  • (New Zealand) To organise something.
  • (basketball, colloquial) To shoot, especially in the context of a poor shot opportunity.


IPA: dʒˈækʌp


  • An increase or rise; usually said of prices, fees, or rates.
  • (often attributive) A machine that utilizes jacks or hydraulic lifts.

Examples of "jack-up" in Sentences

  • "This amount will be spent on 10 new ships and two jack-up rigs," Managing Director A.R. Ramakrishnan said late Wednesday.
  • Whenever a player would "jack-up" the opposition, Coach Rex Ryan would whoop and yell, "That's a guy who wants to make this team!"
  • I was likewhat is she talking, I guess her speech writer was out on vacation becase that speech was jack-up and she know it was I hope she do not run in 2012
  • This frame is going to be used to jack-up the house and additional steel columns are going to be added on to the bottom of the frame to prop up the house (like stilts) on the inside perimeter of the footings.
  • He warned of the consequences of ending deep water drilling in the Gulf: ships will go to Brazil and West Africa, as well as the consequences of halting work on the jack-up drills: local companies will not survive, and the state will lose 10 to 20,000 jobs.
  • Most incidents reported to the MMS take place in shallow water, either on "jack-up" rigs that stand on the sea floor or on small, often unmanned platforms that produce oil and gas from the thousands of wells in the Gulf drilled in the offshore industry's 60-year history.

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