IPA: dʒˈækʌɫ


  • Any of certain wild canids of the genera Lupulella and Canis, native to the tropical Old World and smaller than a wolf.
  • A person who performs menial/routine tasks, a dogsbody.
  • (derogatory) A person who behaves in an opportunistic way; especially a base collaborator.
  • (slang, rare) A jack (the playing card).
  • (rugby union) A player who steals the ball at the tackle.


  • To perform menial or routine tasks

Examples of "jackal" in Sentences

  • Durga was often linked to the jackal.
  • The Tiger, the Brahmin and the Jackal.
  • I'm leaving the carcass to the jackals.
  • Jackal and hyena are common scavengers.
  • That goal only seemed to infuriate the Jackals.
  • Hey Jackal, thanks for the help at the article.
  • Is it even possible for jackals and dogs to interbreed
  • “Sha’arhar” is the jackal from the Pehlevi Shagál or Shaghál.
  • The mascot for the Jackals is an anthropomorphic Jackal named Jack.
  • Both bombs were the work of the infamous terrorist Carlos, the Jackal.
  • The jackal is the most widely distributed top predator in the ecoregion.
  • The Jackal quickly turns toward the two, then shoots and kills the gendarme.
  • He had been called a jackal by the papers -- but here were two who bore a clearer title to the name!
  • BRYAN: The jackal is the god of embalming, so he is actually there to protect what is inside the box.
  • Lower down a crocodile was lying on the bank sunning itself "Pull me out, pull me out!" called the jackal
  • Over time, the best hybrids might have been much more wolf than jackal overall while retaining certain jackal behavioral characteristic.
  • People need government to work for them, and this jackal is pleased that he and his party have been able to halt operations and progress.
  • They were called jackal-eaters, and it was said that when an outsider was admitted to one of their bands he was given jackal's flesh to eat.
  • Singh calls it a wolf, but in his diary1 he notes that it was probably a type of jackal, which is common to that region, rather than a true wolf.
  • Ventura says he's not seeking re-election because he doesn't want his family subjected to any more sniping from reporters, who he only half-jokingly suggested be required to wear the word jackal on their press passes.

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