IPA: dʒˈækʌnˈeɪps


  • (obsolete) A monkey.
  • (dated, derogatory) An impudent or mischievous person.

Examples of "jackanapes" in Sentences

  • The same old vandal Jackanapes and etc.
  • I shan't pick up the 'jackanapes' or the 'rascal.'
  • But Jackanapes USED it against me in a very childish manner.
  • I, for one, want my effing money back from these two faced jackanapes.
  • There Jackanapes rides to the rescue of the wounded and dismounted Tom.
  • It would be almost too easy to pull information out of this unctuous jackanapes.
  • "But do you realize that I would be looked upon as the most foolish jackanapes in the South Seas if I took a young girl like you in with me here on Berande?" he asked.
  • The grinning, slithering jackanapes is reportedly going to concentrate his sales pitch on the U.S., suspecting that we Brits would sooner chew our tongues than buy his book when it is published on Sept. 13.
  • The Countess might accuse him, but Harry never had the ambition to make people think him that: his natural tendency was the reverse: and he objected to the application of the word jackanapes to himself, and was ready to contest the fact of people having that opinion at all.

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