jacking off

IPA: dʒˈækɪŋˈɔf


  • slang terms for masturbation

Examples of "jacking-off" in Sentences

  • Yet no one seems to advocate outlawing jacking-off.
  • *winks at Crap, continues jacking-off into Chia Pet*
  • In the morning, jacking-off is like my snooze button.
  • So forgive me if I'm making a jacking-off gesture in Bloomie's direction.
  • Bryan tried to figure it out by asking him how many times he has ever thought of a dude while jacking-off.
  • The oldest memory in The Naked Lunch is of jacking-off in boyhood latrines, a memory recaptured through pederasty.
  • If this were my coming-of-age, teen sex comedy, there would be a ‘getting caught jacking-off to scrambled porn’ scene.
  • And the other big category of poetry is jacking-off poetry, poetry that merely plays games with words, Gertrude Stein Light.

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