IPA: dʒˈæknaɪf


  • (statistics) A resampling method that applies estimators to all subsamples that each omit a single different group (possibly of a single datapoint) of the original sample to provide a sample distribution of the estimate.
  • Alternative spelling of jack-knife [A compact folding knife.]


  • Alternative spelling of jack-knife [To fold in the middle, as a jackknife does.]

Examples of "jackknife" in Sentences

  • Almost at once, she began to jackknife.
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  • This design can also reduce jackknife in a derailment.
  • The horses took fright, reared up and the coach jackknifed.
  • "jackknife" into Turner's path, striking her vehicle head-on.
  • The jackknife came about in the late 1940s in the work of Quenouille.
  • She has been called, The girl with the sense of humor of a jackknife.
  • Jackknife, your argument that people can follow the sources is not valid.
  • The jackknife and bootstrap may in many situations yield similar results.
  • The jackknife is a cousin to the boobstrap as also are permutation methods.
  • I've watch every Eddie's c match and they never call it a jackknife splash.
  • Versions of this dunk include the kickback, the jackknife, and the double pump.
  • A jackknife, right off the porch, and an Olympic-style swim for the opposite shore.
  • As I tried a jackknife dive from my tiptoes, a huge wave engulfed me just as I took a breath to submerge.
  • That caused one of those vehicles to "jackknife" into the lane of traffic that Turner was driving in, striking her vehicle head-on.
  • Next to them, even the best of the jackknife legs and splayed-out lifts on "Dancing With the Stars" or "So You Think You Can Dance" look like horrifying mutations from Planet Schlock.
  • To rephrase Steve McIntyre if he will forgive me the jackknife is the statistical technique of resampling by running the estimate on subsamples of N-q from a sample of N then averaging the results.

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