IPA: dʒˈæks


  • (poker slang) A pair of jacks.
  • (UK, rhyming slang) Heroin tablets (from "jacks and jills" = pills)
  • (games) A children's game involving picking up objects; knucklebones; jackstones.
  • A surname originating as a patronymic derived from Jack.
  • (slang, now chiefly Ireland) Alternative form of jakes: an outhouse or lavatory. [.]](now chiefly Ireland) A place to urinate and defecate: an outhouse or lavatory.]

Examples of "jacks" in Sentences

  • Can someone tell me what the song playing in jacks truck was?
  • Perhaps “plugged in” is not technically the right term jacks?
  • ElBruce, I have a check in the amount of ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS for any one who name jacks me.
  • In addition, people have often done their own extensions that are less than quality and the plugin jacks are often outdated.
  • As the hours passed the winemakers spit out metaphors like jacks from a destemmer; they were looking for creative ways to sway the room.
  • I’m going to guess one can’t change the battery w/o sending it in so what’s the process for that … lastly, what kind of jacks is it using?
  • Donkeys, also known as burros, also are harder to sell than other farm animals, and many auctions are turning them down, particularly the males, known as jacks.
  • Besides being the best whoel home digital music solution, it also can broadcast audio from the line-in jacks on any of its stations to any or all of the others, wirelessly (or wired).

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