IPA: dʒˈækskru


  • A jack (mechanical lifting device) which is operated by turning a leadscrew.
  • A leadscrew; a screw used to translate rotational into linear motion.

Examples of "jackscrew" in Sentences

  • Most jackscrews are lubricated with grease.
  • A farmer's jackscrew secured the damage until landfall.
  • A jackscrew or car jack is a familiar mechanical actuator.
  • The jackscrew figured prominently in the classic novel Robinson Crusoe .
  • As the jackscrew rotates it moves up or down through the fixed acme nut.
  • The jackscrew figured prominently in the classic novel 'Robinson Crusoe'.
  • Isn't device shown here a screw jack, a device which employs a jackscrew.
  • What we're focusing on right now, as you've indicated, is the jackscrew and that's the inspection that's taking place.
  • Since last Thursday, some 21 planes have been found to have irregularities in the jackscrew or other parts of the tail section.
  • In that case, a mechanism known as a jackscrew failed because of shoddy maintenance, causing the plane to become uncontrollable.
  • They're focusing on a piece in the tail called the jackscrew, which is suspected in the crash of Alaska Airlines Flight 261 on January 31.
  • There have been some reports that there may have been common problems with something called a jackscrew, some different types of bolts have been problematic.
  • The stabilizer is operated by a component called the jackscrew, which consists of a nut that rides up and down a screw as it turns to raise and lower the stabilizer.
  • This follows the discovery earlier this week in two Alaska Airlines jets of metal strips and filings in the jackscrew assemblies, a part of the horizontal stabilizer.
  • GARVEY: Well, first of all, that air worthiness directive, which was issued and given a 18-month period, focused on a different part of the horizontal stabilizer, not the jackscrew.
  • LEE DICKINSON, FORMER NTSB OFFICIAL: I think the prudent thing for them to do is to examine both the gimbal nut and the jackscrew and look at both of those from both those airplanes and compare that with what we know or what the safety board will be finding from the accident aircraft.

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