IPA: dʒˈæksnˈaɪp


  • Any of species Lymnocryptes minimus of migratory small stocky waders, the smallest of the snipes.

Examples of "jacksnipe" in Sentences

  • The decline of the jacksnipe in southern Wisconsin.
  • My best stretch back then was 17 jacksnipe with 25 shells.
  • BTW If you think doves are hard try hunting jacksnipe around a marsh.
  • That gun accounted for many squirrels, coons, rabbits, doves, quail and jacksnipe the first few years of my hunting career.
  • When you are through work it is nearly dark and you can ride out on the boulevard by the sea and throw clay targets with a hand trap against this gale and they will dip and jump and rise into strange angles like a jacksnipe in the wind.
  • How the jacksnipe rose with a jump and you hit him on the second swerve and had to wade out into a slough after him and brought him in wet, holding him by the bill, as proud as a bird dog, and you can remember all the snipe since in many places.

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