IPA: dʒˈækstrɔ


  • (usually in the plural) One of the pieces used for the game called jackstraws or pick-up sticks.
  • (dated) An insignificant person.


  • Resembling a bundle of jackstraws that has been strewn on a surface.
  • (obsolete, of a person) Of no substance or worth.

Examples of "jackstraw" in Sentences

  • The jackstraw jumble of rotting wood made for uncertain footing.
  • Helping technopreneurs to excel and lead their life! reply jackstraw
  • Only a jackstraw heap of corpses and stirring near-dead marked where they had been.
  • The jackstraw debris of timber and slash was left to go crisp for a few months; then it was torched.
  • Secure in my interpretation I looked it up in my American Heritage Dictionary today and found the following instead: jackstraw n.
  • Beyond the jackstraw heap of bodies the thick square door still hid the source of the tiny sounds, but Gann put them out of his mind.
  • His hand glided above the long arm-bones of the larger skeleton, a dark shadow fluttering like a large moth as it crossed the jackstraw pile of ribs.
  • They turned back to the business of the climb, scrambling over jackstraw falls of rock and crouch-walking up inclined planes of stone shot with glitters of quartz and mica.

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